Friday, August 28, 2009

Our curious boy

Benjamin is a tough cookie...he is VERY curious (he investigates everything, no matter how scary) and seemingly fearless. When his little friends are scared (or even show a healthy bit of caution), Ben plows forward. Where does he gets this from? Anyway, he is twisting, turning, nosediving off the couch any chance he can get (we always catch him, of course) and grabbing everything in sight. Today he played with the vacuum cleaner - he loved the noise, loved the spinning, loves the color, (bright yellow) and laid on the rug right next to it while we vacuumed. Afterwards, we let him stand up and touch it - he was thrilled! Finally, when our dinner guests were arriving, we put it away...immediately he started fussing (his new thing...fuss, fuss, fuss). Here is a clip of him playing with the sprayer in the pool - he doesn't care how much it splashes him, gets water in his eyes, nose and down his throat.....he is going to investigate!


  1. uhhh.. that first video is AMAZING! I know y'all spend a lot of time in the pool, but he's swimming! Is it a natural thing or do you work with him. It's the most precious thing ever! (For some reason I'm thinking of Nirvana right now...)

  2. Ok that baby is swimming! That is crazy how much coordination he has doing that! He will be swimming alone by the time he is one!