Saturday, August 29, 2009

A hike in Sam Houston Jones State Park

We got up early this morning to test out our top of the line hiking backpack that Grandpa Stan bought Benjamin for his birthday last December (he is finally ready to fit into it!)...After packing food, water, snacks and bugspray for the baby boy (and a leash for Gracie) we headed off toward the wilderness. There was a bike race there this morning, so we were dodging bikes the whole time we were trying to get on the trial, but we finally made it!!! Grace led the way (as usual) and Seth packed Ben the first leg...he seemed to be enjoying himself, looking side to side at the trees, leaves, dragonflys, etc...After a quick water break (and to re-apply bugspray), I took over the pack. It was surprisingly lighter than I anticipated - I felt comfortable and was hardly aware of the extra weight on my back (all 23.1 pounds of him!). Thanks to Grandpa Stan for the great pack!! We are planning a trip to Tunica Hills in October to do some "real" hiking with Ben.

Unfortunately, after Ben's afternoon nap, he woke up with a high fever (102)...our sweet baby boy is sick. After numerous calls to Aunt Emily and Uncle Jason, Ben is now (Sunday afternoon) feeling better, and his fever has broken (now 98.2)...whew! I was worried we might have gotten the swine flu or something yucky like that this past week. Thanks goodness our little baby boy is now his happy-go-lucky self now!

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