Sunday, August 16, 2009

New pictures of the baby boy

Here are a few new pictures of Ben. We brought him to the park last weekend to play in the water (shoots up from the ground), and he LOVED it!!! He couldn't quite figure out what was hitting (or splashing) him on his head. It was very funny to watch him try to catch the water.
It's raining....
It's pouring!!!
No fear or hesitation at the waterpark
We are teaching him very early the importance of brushing your teeth (when you get them, that is...)
headshot outside by the pool
Taking a bath in Lake Arthur


  1. Uh, I don't recall you EVER mentioning you had a blog. Thanks! Things are finally settling down here in Jessen World and I foresee a lunch date with you in the near future. BTW, I just read to the beginning of your blog. That Ben sure is a cutie and I love his turtle suit! Precious!

  2. SARAH!!! You totally made my whole weekend. I have been getting updates about you for the last few years, and heard about your sweet baby boy, but did not know that you guys were in the L.C. So happy to know that. Who would have thought we'd all be raising little ones at the same time? Ben is precious. I can't wait to meet him and catch up with you. We're actually in The Bluff. My email is Email me when you can and I'll send you my contact info.

  3. Hi Sarah! It's Haley- I came across your blog and figured out it was yours! Your baby boy is adorable! My dad said he talked to you (when you were still pregnant) in the bank and told me you were expecting. Then the other day I had actually come across some old pics from 8th grade of the OLQH gang and was wondering about you! You look great and that Ben is a cutie!