Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend in Review

We had a great weekend hanging out in LC....our pool has become one of my favorite things about our house - it is so nice just to throw on our suits and hop in (and a good tan doesn’t hurt either)! On Friday night Seth, Ben and I went downtown to China King (Seth is obsessed with Chinese food) for dinner. Saturday morning was a laundry (boo!) and baby-food making day (mangoes and apples for Ben). I must have been crazy, because our dishwasher was broken...Anyway, Saturday afternoon (after a quick swim) we went to the Lee's house to watch the Tigers beat Tulane yet again (CWS Bound!). Uncle T-Tom (I forgot what Aunt Mary said he wanted to be called now - something different?) BBQ'd, and Jaime and Aunt Mary played with Baby Ben (Tino was quite intrigued too). Seth thought Tino's name was Tito, so he kept saying, "Tito, tito..." all afternoon. Ben was not at all impressed with the bull (who is now HUGE), but the bull was very much intimidated by the bulldozer…I could not even make this stuff up! Sunday morning we went to church (where they were celebrating married couples – we had 4 who had their 65th anniversary this year!!!), lunch at McAllister's and then off to a baby shower with Ben. When I got home, we went swimming...and Ben was sooo happy in the water.

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