Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pool and Watermelon Party a Success!!

Virginia enjoying a present

Virginia and Arden getting air in the "jump-jump"

Virginia with a cupcake AND a big birthday cake

Mrs. Cindy Rembert and Owen (baby tiger)

James and Ben in the pool

Chelsea and Ben

Virginia's 2nd birthday party at our house yesterday was a success!! We had a bout 35 people show up ready to swim, jump (we had a blow up "jump-jump"), and eat watermelon (and cake, cupcakes, cheetos....). The day was VERY hot, but the kids had a good time swimming and the adults found the shade. Baby Ben fell asleep IN THE POOL while Jared, James and T-Mark were pushing him around in his float (sooo cute!). Virginia performed her "naked baby" act for everyone at the party, and the cheetos were a BIG hit with the kids (especially Mary Elliott, Virginia's cousin). We had a good time with Emily and the kids this week, and I will miss them this week (especially that growing baby tiger!). The house seems very quiet.

Kyle flying off the diving board

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