Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jogging, Cooking and Weedeating

It has been a while since I wrote, but we have been busy, busy and life at our house has been eventful. We spent this past weekend in New Orleans visiting with our family and loving on our new addition, baby Owen (who still looks JUST like his daddy)! Virginia also got alot of love and attention because she is the new big sister. Seth, Benjamin (sporting his new crawfish PJ's - thanks Auntie M and Uncle T-Tom), and I went with the gang to Mulatte's close to the quarter and enjoyed live/loud cajun music and good food Saturday night. We spent the next day celebrating Owen's birthday with cupcakes from Bee Sweet Cupcakes ( ; my fav was The Drew Brees.

Then it was back to LC to celebrate Memorial Day...we spent the afternoon swimming with the Garcille's (Jennifer, Jason ans Baby Jack) and enjoying some good BBQ. I also got a jogging stroller (InStep Runaround Ltd) that day. I have been jogging (hopefully this makes my Paw Paw happy -- you know why) for the past two days and feel tired and sore...which I am sure is a good thing.
Tonight we went to Lowe's to buy Seth's Father's Day present (early, I know). He got a new weedeater - which Ben laughed and squealed at when he saw it (he practically picked it out himself!). Now Seth is outside playing with his new telling when I will see him again!
Tomorrow I am going shopping to buy groceries so I can cook lots of meals this weekend; I will freeze and use them when Em, Virginia and Owen come to stay at my house in a few weeks...I have lots of new recipes I am trying out from Cooking Light.
Update on Benjamin: we weighed him on the Wi, and he is now 20 pounds and 3 ounces (that's one big baby!). He is also now sitting up regularly by himself for extended periods of time (20 - 30 minutes)!!!

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