Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Mother's Day...Fun!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Today we celebrated our first Mother's Day with Baby Benjamin. Mom came into town to spend the weekend with us. After church (and a very yummy breakfast quiche I made - recipe @ we packed a picnic and went to Sam Houston Jones State Park. It was a beautiful day - we ate, played with the ducks and turtles, and took a little nap by the water. Then, it was back home to take Benjamin's very first dip in the pool!!! He seemed to like it (it was hard to tell, since he kept his pacifier in his mouth for most of the swim). Even Gracie joined in the fun!!

Still no news from Emily regarding my soon to be niece or nephew - the suspense/wait is killing me (at this point I think Emily feels the same way)!! Hurry up new Baby Turner!

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