Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Things Ben Says...

Benjamin keeps me laughing on a daily basis...usually many times a day (when I am not changing poo, which is a whole 'nother post...yes, unfortunately - I have tons of new material for that!).
He is OBSESSED with Cars right now (we have moved past trains) and knows each one by name...and if I get a name wrong, he lets me know. And I am only allowed to play with the cars he thinks are "slow", not "super-fast" like Lightning McQueen. Those cars are reserved for him and Virginia...
Speaking of Virginia, he LOVES his cousin "Ginnia"! And he thinks O-Man is pretty special too! He asks me every day if he can go to Aunt Emmy's house...at first I was upset; does he think Aunt Emmy is more fun than Mommy? Nah! Ginia lives at Aunt Emmy's house...and she IS more fun than Mommy!
Benjamin has become a very annoying (only sometimes funny) backseat driver. He is very much aware of the red lights, green lights, etc...and he lets me know when I can go and when I should stop. Also, he lets me know if I am going too slow (and the car next to us is "winning") or too fast ("just like Daddy"). The other day he became very excited while we were at a red light. "Mommy! I found MY race car! THIS is the race car I want Mommy!! LOOK!!!" He comments on "race cars" all the time, so I didn't give him much attention. He continued..."Mommy, this is serious (like the WonderPets say...)I found MY race car!" I look to where he is pointing and guess what?! It was a fine Aston Martin "race car"! Boy, does he have good taste!

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