Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Update - Lots of pics

Benjamin giving ME a kiss...he has become very sweet to her - giving kisses regularly without prompting from me
cupcakes with our cousins!! I wanted to show all our old friends some of our new friends...so here goes
Benjamin with Jacques (our playgroup buddy) at the aquarium on Pirate Day! Jacques happens to have a baby sister, Colette, who is very close to ME's age
Ben and Leighton (some may say his girlfriend) at her carousel party at LaFraniere Park. Leighton has a baby brother, Miller, who is a few months older than ME
our neighbors, 2 year old twins Dalton and Remy
We have been going to Morning Call for beignets on the weekends...Ben LOVES it and can eat a whole order by himself!
Ben in his shades ready for the beach...notice he has everything that means anything to him in his hands...his paci, Allie, and Lemonade - like we would leave any of those items behind!!
Mary Elizabeth sleeping in her carseat during a swimming party at Aunt Emily's house...so sweet!
ME on her beautiful quilt her Aunt Emily made for her
The cutest little puppy I have ever seen...Ben got his face painted for the very first time at the Greek Festival with his Daddy a few weeks ago. Seth said he was very serious the whole time and sat very still.

We have had a very busy fun-filled summer so far. Our family spent a long weekend at Orange Beach, where Ben LOVED jumping the waves...and ME LOVED sitting on the beach under the umbrella with her Nana. We also went to Rosemary Beach to celebrate the wedding of one of my closest friends, Leigh Erin. Our play group is continuing to meet regularly here, going to the Aquarium, parks, each others' houses and the sno-ball stand. We have been blessed with new friends here in Nola (both for Ben and ME as well as me!). Ben took another round of swim lessons and is now officially swimming a few feet underwater (he is amazing!)...we were working on lifting our head up to take a breath at the end of our lessons. ME's therapy is in full-swing...and we have PT twice a week and OT once a week. Seth gives her a long massage every night after her bath (which she LOVES!), and we are trying to bring her swimming as much as possible. I will do a posting later on our therapies, as well as our therapists. Life is moving so quickly here, Benjamin will start school (Mother's Day Out/Nursery School) in September. I may be more excited than he is...it has been tough juggling ME and Ben in the mornings...and I am running out of things for Ben to do. And as most of you know, there is nothing worse than a bored 2 year old!!!

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  1. This post brings so much joy! Thank you for sharing it!