Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mary Applesauce

Now that Benjamin is talking...ALOT...and I can understand him, I am realizing that he is pretty funny (silly, cute, etc...)! We have discussed the baby in Mommy's belly lots and lots and Benjamin knows that it is a girl and we are naming her Mary Elizabeth. He says her name all the time...which only makes this video even cuter. my pumpkin eating a pumpkin muffin new halloween pj's


  1. That's so funny! Gram was listening too and said, "who's mary applesauce!". Palmer wore Gram's hand me down pumpkin shirt to school and got lots of compliments - it is too cute!

  2. SO adorable. I think Mary Applesauce needs to be character in a children's book. (Just in case you needed something to do in your spare time.)