Monday, October 4, 2010

Daddy's Back!!

I feel like we have been living life in two week increments: Daddy home and Daddy away. I have not posted in a while cause I have been busy while Daddy was that he is home, I have a bit of time to catch up. Here are tons of pics from the last time Seth was home as well as the past few weeks without him. Last time Seth was here, we went to the Acadiana Zoo - Ben had a great time feeding the fish, looking at the turtles, riding the train and pushing and pulling the wagon.
The next weekend, I had a great time with my friends from Poker Night in Baton Rouge when they all came to LC for my friend, Hannah's bachelorette party. We stayed at L'auBerge and floated on the lazy river, enjoyed lots of food, going out, and spending time with old friends. The next weekend Ben and I went to Covington for Hannah's wedding (I was a bridesmaid at 6 months pregnant!), then we drove across the Causeway to NO to watch the Saints game (Who Dat!) at Emily and Jason's new house. Ben had so much fun playing with his cousins...spinning and jumping and dancing all around! Last week we went to Sam Houston State Park to feed the ducks and play as well as enjoyed the St. Louis Homecoming Parade...Bern had so much fun catching beads and candy, then pushing his red car home to count his "loot"! This past weekend (Seth has been home for almost a week now), we drove to BR to watch the Tigers play (it hurts to discuss any more than that)...Ben enjoyed playing with his cousin O-Man and his Nana while we hung out with friends after the game. Benjamin ate 10 donut holes on the way to BR -- we let him hold the bag (cause his Uncle Mark spoiled him rotten that way)...and the next time I looked back, he was FINISHED with the bag! Wow! We plan on having a great week while Seth is still in town...I will be sure to post all of the fun things we are doing!

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  1. So happy to see so many happy pictures. Looking good little momma.

    The other day I put the cutes smocked checked dress on Gianna and she looked at it and said, "Benjamin's clothes!" I laughed so hard. He's got a signature look that actually registers with other toddlers. So funny.