Sunday, May 2, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

On Friday afternoon, Benjamin and I met Emily, Virginia and Owen at Miss Heather's Berry Farm ( Even though it was very overcast and even lightly sprinkling, we both were insistent on picking some strawberries, since the season for them is almost over (maybe 1 week or so left). I arrived a little before Em and the kids, so Ben I took a look around while we waited...we were barely out of the car and walking toward the fields when the man who was in charge (Mrs. Heather's significant other) came riding up on a BIG tractor (making Ben go crazy with tractor glee) to make sure we were ok and to answer any questions we may have -- how's that for service?! The Berry Farm has a few different fields of berries, rows and rows of them; as well as a play area for the kids complete with swings, TONS of tractors, diggers, a spinning wheel, a cow to milk (I am not kidding - this big plastic cow has a bucket of water in his back and plastic udders that the kids can squeeze to make the "milk" come out), a bull to ride, a petting zoo area, and a few other things. Since the farm was deserted because of the rain, we had the whole thing to ourselves. So after we picked berries with the kids for a while, we let them play at the play area (less than 100 yards away) while we finished picking.
Owen got to ride on Emily's back, while Virginia would pick a berry and eat it immediately instead of putting it in the basket (smart kid, huh?).
Benjamin had a different strategy altogether - pick berries (got that part right) that are not red, but WHITE (read not ready yet). This picture is the only one of him picking a fairly red berry - everything else was clearly the wrong color...but he sure did enjoy himself!
Can you tell which berries Ben picked?
After we each had a flat to go home with, we headed toward the petting zoo and play area. There were roosters, turkeys, ducks and baby chicks, goats (including a 3 week old named Bucky), rabbits, horses and pigs.
Ben walked around in a daze for a while, not sure which animal to go see...he was clearly overwhelmed (but happy).
Ben and Virginia bot really liked the rabbits, and they spent a large amount of time at the cage, sticking their fingers in.
Emily, however, was VERY impressed with the baby goat, Bucky.
Virginia and Ben swinging on a "horse"

Ben playing "peek a boo" with Emily - the only way we could get all three kids to smile at the same time...until Ben decided to start doing his own peek a boo instead of just being amused with his Aunt Emily's.

Perfect, smiling shot of all three kids on the tractors....

We really enjoyed the strawberry picking, and I would highly recommend Mrs. Heather's place - they were friendly, and the farm was clean and perfect for kids of all ages. ***I had a pic of Ben, naked, in the big sink outside of the barn where all the animals were (I couldn't get it to load)...why? Because after we played with the animals, Ben got excited because Bucky was jumping and bucking, and the goats were eating the droppings underneath the rabbit ran toward them, scared them away and hopped under the cage himself! I was horrified - Emily, of course, thought it was hilarious. Needless to say, there was LOTS of washing involved before the trip to Covington could be made. Never a dull moment (or a clean one it seems lately)!

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