Sunday, May 2, 2010

Missing Baton Rouge

Even though I am happy living in Lake Charles, I still desperately miss Baton Rouge (like all the time). This past Thursday Ben and I went back for a quick visit. We spent Thursday afternoon with Scotty - having lunch, shopping, playing at the indoor park, eating ice cream, and riding on the carousel (all at the same place). Thursday night I went to dinner at PF Chang's (think chicken lettuce wraps!) with some of my girlfriends; I even got to see my long lost friend Hannah who is now living in small town Arkansas. I also got to eat at one of my favorite spots in BR - Zoe's for lunch on Friday. Benjamin and Scotty after a wonderful day together

Benjamin and I stayed with my friend Angela who has three little girls - Gabby, Annabelle and Lily (Lulu). Benjamin was in HEAVEN, because there were so many toys to play with (toys he had never seen before!). Now you may want to know which toy he loved the most? Not the pink Pottery Barn Kitchen complete with every utensil, food item, cup, plate, etc...Not the pink double baby buggy with two matching babies to push around, not even the V-tech horse that makes noises....nope. Look below.

Do you see it? Ben's favorite toy was the blue princess tiara! He found it at the bottom of a toy chest and immediately put it on, came to me and smiled. He then went to the mirror to see himself, then walked around the house with the tiara on his head. If it fell off, he would bring it to me, point to his head, I would put it on him, he would go "check" in the mirror, then begin walking around the house again...LuLu joined in the fun by grabbing a fireman's hat. She tried to trade hats with Ben once, and I will let you guess how well that went over.
Now I had to grab my camera and take a that I could show it to Seth. Because even though I knew Seth would be fine with Ben playing with a crown, I also know that Seth will not be buying him a tiara to play dress up with in the future - it will be fireman hats, boots and football jerseys I am sure. Friday afternoon we met Emily and the kids at a strawberry patch -- I will post separately about that adventure. Then we spent the rest of Friday and all day Saturday moving my mom into her new house in Covington. I am exhausted...
Lulu playing fireman...she was so sweet to Benjamin.
Angie and Lily
Lily giving Ben a hug, Ben trying to wiggle free


  1. LOVE the tiara! Such a cute boy! (You know how your mom had the cutest pics of you girls on her fridge when you were in high school? This one is definitely a fridge picture!)

  2. I miss BR too. We've been in LC for three years, but BR feels like our long lost home...Ben is too cute with the tiara. At least it's blue right?