Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

Yesterday we were busy, busy for the 4th. Aunt Mary called early in the morning to invite herself and the Lee gang over to swim and BBQ...of course, we said "yes"! Uncle Tommy asked her, "Why do we have to bring the meat if we are going to Sarah's house for a BBQ?"...Aunt Mary told him, "cause she didn't invite us...we invited ourselves!". We love the Lee's and had a great time! After they left, we went to Jack Garcille's 1st birthday was HOT outside. The kids had fun playing in the sprinkler, etc...and Ben fell asleep on my lap while Jack's birthday presents were being opened (right in the middle of the action!).
Finally, at 9 pm, we woke Ben up and drove to the Reiser's wharf to watch the fireworks - they were great! Ben was fascinated, but VERY serious (he never even cracked a smile the entire time!). He did laugh and sing the whole way home, so we figured he enjoyed the display (or he was delirious?).

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