Thursday, September 2, 2010

Daddy's home!!

Now that Seth is home for 8 whole days, Benjamin has been getting as much "Daddy time" as he possibly can! These two boys are sooo great together -- Benjamin adores his Daddy, and has had a hard time letting him go (into another room, out of his sight, etc...). We have been busy, busy doing fun things as a family.... Daddy and Ben reading a book
Isn't that the sweetest smile ever?...right before he proceeded to throw balls EVERYWHERE!
Yesterday we had a major accomplishment, although I think it was a bit of a fluke. Benjamin pp'ed on the potty for THE FIRST TIME!!! We proceeded to have a party, complete with M&M's and big boy train underwear....a few minutes later, Ben pp'ed in his big boy underwear while sitting on his Daddy's lap!! Since I have not "officially" started potty training yet (although Ben seems to be ready), I will count yesterday as a good start. I know I need to start soon, I am just overwhelmed by the whole process --> especially with a BOY.
This morning we took Ben to the Creole Nature Trail (not realizing that it closed a LONG time ago)...we still had a nice time walking on the bridge - we spotted an alligator and lots of fish! Gracie even got to come...and she and Ben were quite a pair!
Mommy, Ben and Gracie taking a water break
A boy and his dog...
Ben looking at the alligator below in the water...Wow!!

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